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With a passion for Scotch Whisky and a burning desire to share our knowledge and experience, Dram Mor Whisky Events and Training deliver fun and entertaining insights into the Scottish Whisky Industry.


Whether you are new to whisky or enjoy a regular dram you are sure to enjoy the journey.
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First of all I want to thank you for the great glengoyne tasting at Maltstock.
For me your enthousiasm and passion about both Scotland and whisky was the top experience of the weekend.
If you are ever in Belgium for an event or on a holliday, just let me know. You are always welcome to stop over and I will pour you out a great dram ;-)
Maybe you can show me around whenever I'm in Scotland too?
I hope your first visit to maltstock was a winner for you aswell, the organization should invite you every year. Keep up the good work".


Mike De Schuiteneer