Whisky Training

in 2014, Scotland has a year to look forward to like no other!

The Commonwealth Games

The Ryder Cup

The Second Homecoming

The Independence Referendum


The eyes of the world will be on us and the things we do best and when it comes to food and drink, nothing says Scotland like whisky.


Are your staff ready?


We deliver the only accredited training in Scotch whisky, the whisky ambassador program, as well as leisure courses and professional tailored courses for the license trade.



About the training course


Join us on a day immersed in the world of Scotch Whisky with our Whisky Ambassador training course, where you will gain an official Certificate of Accreditation by British Institute of Inn Keepers (BIIAB).

The day consists of a variety of hands on activities and different learning styles to make the day fun and entertaining as well as highly educational and informative.


Ideal course for;

- The Hospitality Industry

- Anyone who sells and serves Scotch Whisky


Benefits of training include:-
- Increased knowledge of whisky
- Increased confidence in serving Scotch Whisky
- Ability to sell more effectively
- Increased ability to upsell
- Extensive Training Notes
- Develops a real passion & enthusiasm for Scotch Whisky


Just some of the satisfied customers that we have trained to date...